Saturday, December 11, 2010

A few things for sale....better late than never!

I just updated my picturetrail with a few things I've finished for sale.....I do have a few Christmas pictures ready, but I had a heck of a time with the lighting and ended up taking them at night instead of daytime. I know natural light is best, but they were all way too bright. I tried overcast days and sunny days~ same result. Oh well, the pics at night still turned out pretty good I guess........ I have to finish editing and then I'll post again when they're ready. :0).



Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...


I love your cross stitched creations !

Merry Christmas !


Elisha said...

love the simplicity of this!

The Primitive Bucket said...

your thinks would look good anywhere girl!!! So good to hear from you!!! HUGS!
LOVE THIS PICTURE TOO!!! You are good at so many different things, you make it look easy!!