Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My selling site is open....FINALLY!

This was yet another intention of mine before I was living la vida loca this summer...LOL. But finally I have my selling site all ready to go and looking the way I want it and it is now open. Click HERE to go visit and take a peek. I added the remainder of my pinkeeps and my owls I just made on there. I have a few dolls I made a few months back on there, too. Well, it's late and I should hit the bed. It's snowing here tonight (we're supposed to get 6 inches or so....we'll see) and I'll have to get up earlier to get Sage to school in the morning. Toodles!


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Those pinkeeps I promised....

Sorry I didn't get a chance to share them with you yesterday. I couldn't get very good pictures- I played with a few displays and wasn't happy, so I decided to just take the darn picture just as they are! LOL.

I made them using a pattern from 1804 Primitives. They are all about 3 inches in diameter, all have been aged (some more than others) and the bottoms are a reproduction zinc canning jar lid. Actually the light blue ticking one (in the middle in the very front row) I used an old zinc Ball lid for that one- the material for the pincushion is actual ticking material- very thick- so it wouldn't fit in the other lids. Most of the pinkeeps have vintage buttons, though a few don't. They are $7.00 each, plus shipping. A few have already sold, but I just added the ones left on to my selling site. Well, I'm off to work on some more stuff. Gotta take advantage of the "extra" time I have now. (Knock on wood....) Ha!


Friday, September 25, 2009

Just Finished....

Aren't they a "hoot"? LOL. I just finished these guys last night and just in time for fall. I've actually had them all sewn, stuffed and painted for a few months, I just never got time to finish them up till now. I made them from a Chestnut Junction pattern- they are about 9 inches tall and 8 inches wide. They are painted and sanded muslin with sculpted beaks and separate stitched wings.
~All are SOLD!~


Monday, September 21, 2009

My Halloween girls......

Ok, here are the girls......I love how each turned out! It felt really good to make a doll again after such a long break!
I was playing around with my photo editing program and thought they looked cool in sephia tone. Hee hee. Click here to go to their ebay auctions and see them in color.
I want to make a scarecrow doll next, but I'm not going to hold my breath or count my chickens before they hatch. LOL. We'll just have to see.....Hugs!

Just Catching Up......

No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth. LOL. Since my last post in July we have been so busy going everywhere at once it seemed. My life during the week was nothing but cleaning, cooking and laundry, then we were gone again the next weekend.One of the weekends we were gone in August fell on Chad's 3rd birthday. It was a lot of fun. He got to celebrate with my mom and dad, my brother, his wife and the cousins Codi and Garrett.
After he ate his cake he opened his presents- one of his favorites was this Transformers costume he wanted to wear right away. What a face! He was pretty excited!

That same weekend we drove up the road from our campsite to double cabin which is in the mountains north of Dubois. This is as far as you can get with a vehicle- from this point on there are trailheads you can hike or ride horseback to go even further into the backcountry. Very pretty country. I was glad to see we still have some bits of snow/glaciers in the high country. The last 5-10 years when it had been so hot and dry in the summers the snow didn't stay up there in the summertime.

And yes, Sage is officially a kindergartener now! She was really nervous- I think mostly because her best friend from preschool moved over the summer, so now she had to make new friends. She is doing very well. They go all day every day here and are reading before first grade. Boy things have changed since my school days! I remember half days and taking naps in Kindergarten- not aymore!
A few weeks ago we took the kids and my inlaws to Thermopolis (my hometown) for the weekend. We took them swimming in the warm mineral water and went to see the Wyoming Dinosaur Center. It has come a long way since I was in High School. They now have a supersaurus skeleton that is the size of the whole building. I made Craig pose next to a cast of one of its rib bones. Can you see its skeleton behind him?
Then this last weekend me and the kids went hunting with Craig. The kids wanted a picture taken with it- they thought it was pretty neat. I normally don't like Antelope meat- it is extremely gamey tasting, but it does make the best breakfast sausage! We make our own and it is tasty! :0)

So now that school is in full swing and I only have one kid at home I have finally been able to work on some things. I am trying to work on my supply for the 12 Days of Christmas show I have in Nov and Dec, but I did manage to squeeze in a few dolls for ebay which I did get listed on ebay last night. I have to go get Sage up and ready for school now, but I'll post them here in a few hours or so. Be back in a few..... :0) -Jody