Thursday, April 29, 2010

A real post this time....LOL

I wanted to give some plugs to a few of my TLOFA sisters which is long overdue! Sorry girls! :0) Of course I have blogged many times about my friend Chris of The Antique Pallet and her mad painting skills. I have more than a few of the things she has painted and I will treasure them always! Well, not only can the woman paint, but she also makes some beautiful bottlecap jewelry and keychains! She surprised me this last year with a handmade keychain that had a pic of each of my two kids on each side of the bottlecap. I was so touched! There I was crying in the parking lot at the post office-seriously! You should be able to click on the banner above and it will take you to her online shoppe.....
Another TLOFA sister, Pat of Ahl Cooped Up has a website!You should be able to click on the logo above and it will take you to her site and all that eye candy! I was fortunate to receive a handmade ornie from Pat during our TLOFA Christmas ornie swap this past year and it was the perfect little stocking with faux fur and chenille canes.....I still have it up on my year-round tree in our den. So go peek at what she has to offer- you won't be disappointed! :0)
This spring pinkeep/cupboard tuck is what I am donating for the PFATT Spring giveaway. You will need to click ~HERE~ to go to the PFATT blog to sign up and see what else is being donated. Hurry it only lasts from May 1st~May 7th. :0) I added the ladybug in remembrance of our dear PFATT sister Penny McAllister who lost her battle with Leukemia barely a month ago. I didn't get to join in on the balloon release for her birthday- both kids woke up with fevers that morning and wouldn't you know after a trip to our little clinic- they both had strep. Eeew! So glad they didn't share the bug with me!
I had to share some more things I have been getting done and a few lucky finds....
This black cabinet I got at Michaels when we made a quick trip to Cheyenne a few weeks ago. I had a 50% coupon and only paid $19 for it. I painted it plain black and distressed and stained the heck out of it. I love it! This was the only one they had that day- otherwise I would have bought two.....I had another spare 50% coupon and sent Craig through first to pay for the cabinet and I went into the other line to check out with the rest of my loot and the other coupon. Hey, if I'm gonna save money on something, might as well make it a family affair! LOL.
I bought this wood flag probably about 5 years ago out of a Terrys Village catalog. It hung outside every year and I finally decided it was looking pretty sad and faded so I gave it a new paint job- voila! Now it looks so good I don't want to put it back out there, so I think I'll enjoy it inside for a bit. :0)
I had been looking for one of these wall mount flag holders for a long time and had come to the conclusion that nobody carried them anymore. Then by chance I found the Primitives Fore Ewe website and they have them! Oh happy day! I've had it for nearly a month now and just got it up the other day. Whatcha think?
Sage won't let me take her paper "snowflake" down even though spring is (hopefully) just around the corner. Goofy kid! I hate our front door or should I say "doors". Both doors are functional and can open as french doors if you are moving a big piece of furniture in, etc but since the one on the right is always locked in place and we use the other to come and go I consider it to be part of the wall. lol.
Now I have to share my ReStore finds....
Last month I was with my mom at the Habitat for Humanity Restore looking for a replacement exterior door for her house. While 90% of the store is donated building materials, there are other household goods that are donated...I found this lamp for $3- can you believe it? It doesn't have a shade, but I'll get one for it-an easy fix for a bargain. Then in another section of the store they had some porch posts....lots of them.

I nabbed this one...can you believe it was only $30? These are normally about $100. It was the chunkiest of them all. In my pic it doesn't look like it, but it is indeed very thick- 6"x 6" square and 8 feet tall. Most porch posts are more on the "spindley" side. Ever since I had seen one in Country Sampler a few years ago, I have always wanted one to prim up and put an old birdhouse on top since we have vaulted ceilings. Another thing to add to my list of "to-dos" :0)

Well, I should scoot and get some things done. We are going to visit my dad in Riverton this weekend so I have some last minute packing to finish. Later! ~Jody

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just a Quick Post To Say.......

....that I will be donating a handmade on the PFATT blog for the giveaway starting May 1st. I'll also have a better post then, too! See ya in a few days! :0)