Thursday, February 19, 2009

Taking Chance...a true life story

If anyone has HBO, be sure you don't miss the premiere of this movie tomorrow night, February 21st. It is the touching true life story about Marine officer Lt. Col. Mike Strobl (played by Kevin Bacon) who volunteered to escort the body of a fallen fellow marine, Lance Cpl. Chance Phelps back home to Dubois, WY and that emotional journey across the U.S. many seldom see or even know about. (Be sure to have your tissues dad and stepmom were able to be at the premiere a few days ago in Dubois and he said there wasn't a dry eye in the place....including theirs..) No, this is not a political war movie, but rather one that reminds us of what is still good in America and the ultimate respect that is bestowed upon the remains of a fallen Marine.
And yes, this post is especially close to mine and my family's heart because my stepmother and Chance's mother, Gretchen are longtime friends. After Chance's death, she started the Chance Phelps Foundation to raise money for extra gear for those serving in Iraq and charities associated with those currently serving or have served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Please stop by and read Chance's story and see the wonderful things the Foundation has done for so many in his matter what your opinion is about the war in Iraq, let us not forget the ultimate sacrifices Chance and many other military men and women have made to ensure the freedoms that you and I enjoy today.

Click here if you'd like to see more clips and behind the scenes trailers on the movie.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Singing the Pink Eye Blues...

Yup. I woke up yesterday morning to a lovely case of pink eye in not only one, but both my eyes! Oh man! I know exactly who I got it from, too- Craig! He got it almost two weeks ago from an outbreak at work- the weird thing was that if I was going to get it- why am I getting it now? After two weeks I thought the rest of us were in the clear. At that time I had washed all the bedding, went through cleaning and disinfecting everything, bought hand sanitizer for practically every room in the house and disinfecting wipes, etc. Guess you can never be too careful- I have heard pink eye is highly contagious and now I know that's for sure! LOL. I am using the Gentamicin drops they gave Craig and my peepers are feeling better- after 5 days I should be all clear- in the meantime I am being extremely careful not to get my face too close to the kiddos and my hands are so dry from all the washing. Then yesterday the preschool called and said Sage got sick at school and I had to go get her- I tell ya, just one of those days! LOL.

Also, an update on the CPSIA thing- it appears that they may be suspending the lead testing craziness until next February- they have granted a one-year stay, so at least we can all breathe a little easier and have some time to let all of this sink in and think about what 2010 may bring. Hopefully in the meantime they will realize the lead testing idea wasn't the best solution. Hey, we can hope, right? :0)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Attention ALL Dollmakers!!! You need to read this!!

This has been the hot topic of discussion lately....I know there are a lot of us that make dolls and such out there. I am not sure how many of us know about this totally ridiculous law that has been passed and supposed to go into effect on Feb. 10th. It is called the CPSIA Law- which mandates lead testing on any product that may be intended to be used for a child under the age of 12- which could cost thousands of dollars for each item- and that is no joke! I found some info and links that may be useful from the Junction Journal's blog. Go take a look!!
We all know the dolls we make are to be used as fine adult collectibles and we even state that they are not children's toys- HOWEVER- this may be a very gray area- if we label it as a doll- they may still consider it a "toy" or be interpreted by a consumer as such. Girls, we all need to be aware and become familiar with this. Good grief! I am definitely writing my congressman about this! Do they have any idea how ridiculous this is? Think about how many small businesses and WAHM's are going to be put out of business or the SAHM's that make dolls to help out with the monthly bills? Or how about the little old ladies that crochet the baby blankets and booties at the local craft shows? Or how it will affect our already fragile economy? Here is a site suggesting that impact. I really wonder if they think about the bigger picture before they start passing these stupid laws??......thanks for letting me vent!!