Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas pics~ front room and entryway...

Ok, I finally finished editing these...whew! So here they are...not really in any particular order I don't think and I'll try to leave this post with more pictures than words, though there are a few things I wanted to this wonderful red wall cupboard my local friend Jeannie made...
Isn't it a perfect fit there? Jeannie does Twelve days as well and when I saw this up there I knew I wanted it to come home with me. If you are local, you should head up to Twelve Days and check out her primitive furniture (if there's any left!). She also has some aged breadboards with shoo-fly screens and some other neat primitives, too. Twelve Days is up at Sunrise Mall this year in the old Flower Gallery space. They are open daily until Dec. 23rd....I believe their hours are 10:30-5:00 (could be 5:30~ can't remember for sure) Monday thru Saturday and Noon-4:00 on Sundays.....
I found this Christmas Countdown box at a second hand store...Its a Primitives by Kathy and sells for over $100 brand new. I only paid $20 and it has all its original ornies in each drawer. The only thing missing was the feather tree, but that was an easy fix.

See the sheep on the mantel? I got his wool penny rug blanket from Karen (KM Primitives) last year and let me tell you, her work is beautiful! I didn't realize when I bought it on her site that it is actually "reversible" until I got it out of the package at home. This side facing out has a Christmas feather tree to display for the Holidays and the other side facing the wall has a willow tree for everyday.
And here are the stockings hung by the chimney with
This was another find of mine at Twelve Days this year....see the old rocking horse?
I have always wanted one but any I've ever seen have been out of my price range. (Like $400 and up....)I had some money saved up from some fall handmades I'd sold and I had just enough to buy him. And let me tell you I didn't even pay HALF what I've seen them go was like early Christmas for me!
He's in really good shape, too. I mean his mane and tail are gone and the saddle is really worn and barely there, but he still has both his leather ears, bridle and jewel eyes and his paint job has held up well. I think that kind of wear shows he was well loved by many kids in his day, and he'll continue to be loved by this big kid,

I hate this couch. lol. I think I would like it better if it was a different pattern or something, but its still in good shape and serves its purpose, so I will probably just make a slipcover for it or something.

I picked up this dough box coffee table below for $5 at the thrift shop. Another steal! It will be getting a makeover when the weather warms up, along with the other coffee table I still need to redo, too. lol.

I think all of the pics are clickable so you can get a better look...some of the whole room shots make everything look so far away.... I might sneak a few more Christmas pics on here this week of my kitchen, etc. if time allows. :0) And I will hopefully have some pictures from an ornie swap, but don't know soon cuz I haven't got them in the mail yet. Take Care!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

A few things for sale....better late than never!

I just updated my picturetrail with a few things I've finished for sale.....I do have a few Christmas pictures ready, but I had a heck of a time with the lighting and ended up taking them at night instead of daytime. I know natural light is best, but they were all way too bright. I tried overcast days and sunny days~ same result. Oh well, the pics at night still turned out pretty good I guess........ I have to finish editing and then I'll post again when they're ready. :0).