Thursday, December 31, 2009

20-25% off ALL leftover Christmas show items, limited time...

Well, this is all I have left from Twelve Days...I just got them back the other day, otherwise I would have posted them sooner for you...they are in no particular order and will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. It would be nice to not have to store anything for next year, so I will have these for sale for about a week or two or until most everything is gone whichever comes first....... If you are interested in anything or have a question, etc. just leave a comment on this post and blogger will send me an email.
All can be mailed or if you are local you can pick up or I can take to you if I'm in town. Most everything can be shipped together, except the reindeer may have to be shipped on their own, depending on what else is going in the box. So here's what I've got left.....You should be able to click on the pics for a better look...
Two snowman star ornies. Made using a pattern from Sew Primitive Shoppe. Both lightly tea dyed, wool felt hats with berries and sprigs of greenery. Each 8 1/2 inches tall and have rusty wire hanger.
Was $14 each, Now $10 each or both for $18, plus shipping.

Five assorted stitchery star ornies. Made using the star from a Nanny Goat Primitives pattern. 5 1/2 inches tall. All sewn from muslin, I've stitched a different saying onto the front of each. Aged and glittered. Decorative rusty wire in the top to hang.
Wynter Wishes Star Ornie (SOLD)
Simplify Star Ornie (SOLD)
Friends Star Ornie (SOLD)
Let it Snow Star Ornie (SOLD)
Laugh Star Ornie (SOLD)
Little "Baby" Bear Ornies. Made using a pattern from Crows Roost Prims. Each is 8 inches tall with a chenille candy cane, sprig of greenery and rusty bell attatched to the front. Each has rusty wire to hang.
Was $12 each, Now $8 each, or $15 for both plus shipping.
Two BIG Santa's.....made using a pattern from Angel and the Crow.
They are nearly 3 feet tall (32 inches). Sculpted nose and eyebrows, button eyes. Beard is ultra soft dirty blonde mohair felted in place. The aged fleece trim on their jackets and hats are all stitched in place by hand.
Was $62 each, Now $48, plus shipping.
Large Reindeer made from a Hand Made with Love pattern. They stand 10 inches tall, not including their antlers. They are made from painted and stiffened Warm & Natural with real twig antlers, glass bead eyes and wood dowel legs. The one on the right has a pine wreath with rusty bell and the one on the left has a holly wreath with rusty bell. Their little antlers are very fragile, so I will use a bigger box than usual so I can pack them safely for their journey.
Small Reindeer using same pattern as above. These stand 6 inches tall not including their antlers. Made in the exact same fashion as the large ones except on a smaller scale of course. The one in the middle has a pine wreath with rusty bell and the other two have a holly wreath with rusty bell.
Free-standing Prim Santa. Made from painted muslin using a pattern from The Old Country Cupboard. Sculpted nose and stitched eyes. His beard, mustache and hat and sleeve trim is stained Warm & Natural. He stands 17 inches tall. His hangtag reads Old St. Nick.
Was $35, Now $25, plus shipping
Medium "Mama" Bear Ornies. Made using a Crows Roost Prims pattern. These stand 10 inches tall. I did not put hangers on these- they are sized more for shelf sitters. Made in the same fashion as the little bears above.
Was $15, Now $ 10 each or $ 18 for both, plus shipping.
Large "Papa" Bear Santa Shelf sitter/ornie. He stands 11 1/2 inches tall. Made the same as the other bears above. He does have a loop in his back to hang or you can display him as a shelf sitter as shown. His hangtag has a mini chenille candy cane with a sprig of greenery and rusty bell attatched and reads "Beary Christmas to You...".
Was $18, Now $13, plus shipping.

This girl was the only raggedy I had left. I made her using a pattern from Chestnut Junction. Prim stitched face, rusty star necklace and wool yarn hair tied into pigtails. She has painted shoes and stockings underneath and wears aged muslin pantaloons. Her bottom is boxed and weighted to sit nicely. Was $35, Now $28, plus shipping.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A little behind......and an after Christmas SALE coming very soon...

Yes I am running behind, yet again...LOL. I had started this post on the 23rd and had every intention to get it posted then, but we still had so much last minute stuff to get done- you know- cooking, cleaning, even some shopping....then it was Christmas Day and the next thing I know a week has already gone by and the New Year will be upon us sure has zipped right by!I mentioned in my last post about my TLOFA secret ornie swap and I can finally share them with you! There are 11 total......
The gingerbread and angel on the top are from my friend Joleen aka theprimitivebucket, the penguin is from Lisa aka brush*strokesn*stitches, the two snowmen are from Chris aka theantiquepallet......
The hammered copper heart ornie is from Tanya aka pollyscissors, the snowman is from Barb aka barbscountryprims, the stocking is from Pat aka ahlcoopedup, the angel is from Mary aka polkadothill, the heart is from Norrine aka grungegoddesprimitives, and the peppermint sticks label ornie is from Susie aka yankeelaneprimitives.....
And these were a few pics I had taken back on the 23rd of my drysink with some Christmas decor in the dining room......that piece of homespun hides our air conditioner...I need to make some kind of wall hanging to go there or something...
What's funny is the pie safe I got a few weeks ago and this dry sink- I just realized their crackled paint color and texture match exactly.....I've had this dry sink for about 4 years now and the two pieces were bought from two totally different places....isn't that great? :0) It's like I was meant to have them hee hee!
I did end up having a box of Christmas leftovers from Twelve Days and I have decided I am going to post them here for sale at a discount. I finished taking pictures, just need to have time to sit down and edit them and then get them loaded on here. That's what I'll be working on tonight while I ring in the new year. LOL. Craig is working tonight so it's just me and the kids. I would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wonderful surprises in the mail!!

Believe it or not, the post office has been my favorite place lately. LOL. Seriously!
First off, I won one of Sandy's giveaways on her blog~ The Olde Country Cupboard and was lucky enough to get this wonderful black doll! I just LOVE her and my picture does not do her justice- she is so prim in person and fits in great with everything else! She is my first black doll and I just love her to pieces!!
Sandy also threw in 6 packages of her soy wax tarts. (there are only 5 pictured cuz I already had some in my warmer...hee hee...) I could smell them even before I got the box open and they are wonderful. Thank you so much Sandy for having such a great giveaway and being soooo generous with your goodies!! :0)
I participated in all the ornie swaps we had in my ebay groups. The first was our PLOA ornie swap and I was the lucky recipient of one of Chris's (theantiquepallet) painted books! It is sooo gorgeous! I have it on top if my pie safe and it may stay there for a while! :0) You can't really see in the pic, but glass glitter is all over the front and it has the most beautiful sparkle. Thank you Chris! I treasure all the wonderful things you've made me!
Next was our PFATT swap. Aren't these ornies beautiful? The cross-stitch Santa is from Kathy~Kathy's Prims, the Green Cone ornie is from Nancy~Nancy Malay, The Angel painting is from Karen~Lovella Ranch, and the little matchbox ornie is from Zinnia~Zinnia's Art. I put them on my 4 foot tree I have specifically for my swap ornies and they look great with all the others from swaps past....
I did also get my ornies from my TLOFA swap, but we have to wait for everyone to get their box before we post pics so we don't ruin the surprise. We make an ornie for each person in the swap, then when we get our box back, we get an ornie from each person, too. It was a great turnout and I got some really wonderful ornies! Hopefully in the next few days I can share some more pics with you. :0) I might also have a few more Christmas pics, too.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas pics to share and link to my Santa and Snowgirl dolls....

I'll try to leave this post longer on pictures (there are LOTS!) and shorter on words if I can... :0) Enjoy!
My Santa and an old quilt bear.....
I realized I never shared finished pics of the entryway after we did all the work on the front room this spring. The flooring is still the old vinyl, but this winter we are going to carry the wood flooring through the entryway and also replace it with the carpet on the stairs. We will also be replacing the dated railing, too. We're waiting to do the base trim against the wall until the floor is finished....
In case you were wondering- the spots on the rug in the entry are just melted snow....LOL.
I love my redware crock! I got it back in October from the Primitive Corner. I got the last one they had and they said it was backordered until next spring. I was a lucky girl.... :0)

The view into the front room from the entry...
Santa came early and gave me an early Christmas/birthday gift (My b-day is on the 27th..)......this GORGEOUS pie safe! I LOVE it!! And its the perfect fit here in this little corner...
I love how the punched tin panels have rusted and only a bit of the silver finish remains...
That's another one of Kathy's bears.....I have three of them and they are wonderful. I even have a teeny mini one that she made from old quilt just like the others I have...
The snowgirl hanging on the cabinet where I took her pictures.......LOL
Our tree......we have had such crappy, cold weather here lately we never made it up on the mountain. The kids would have been miserable and cold, which would have defeated the whole point of going to cut our own we went to the tree lot and Sage picked out this white pine.
One thing we didn't realize until we started to decorate it was that while it is a beautiful tree with ultra soft needles, you can't hang heavy ornies on it. I had to omit my 4 inch jingle bells because it looked like a weeping willow and all the branches are slender and droop very easily. LOL. We hung only lightweight ornies on the outside and buried the heavier ones inside the tree.
Our fireplace and mantel......I love those stockings hanging there. I got them back in September from Olde Farm Creek and I'm glad I did- I heard from a friend she has sold out of them now....

I did end up getting a chance to edit the auctions and got my snowgirl and Santa on eBay HERE to see them...
I have a few Christmas decorations in my kitchen and such, but I'll save those for another post- this one's long enough. I should get going.....I have some signs I have to finish for the shop in town, then get Sage from school in a bit. Hope you liked my pics! :0)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Folk Art Santa....

I just finished this dude this afternoon ...... I'm still editing his other pictures- so this is all for a sneak peek. Hee hee...I made him from one of Kim's (thesmilinggoat)patterns. I am planning on listing him on eBay tomorrow night, if all goes well and I have the time. This last week has been fairly busy for me- I was down for a few days last week with a bit of a stomach bug- must have been a touch of whatever has been going around so that put a cramp in things for a few days....but things are back to normal now (whew!) and I've been busy busy making ornies for a few group swaps. I'd like to wait for the recipients to get theirs before I share any pics- wouldn't want to ruin the surprise, now would I? :0) I have some packages to get in the mail, so I have to scoot, but I will be back later to post a few more pics of Santa and give his eBay link when he's listed. I also have a snowgirl doll I made a while back- I'll probably list her, too. Oh, and I will have few Christmas pics from around the house to share as well........Be back later! :0)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

PFATT Blog Christmas Giveaway is now underway!

Well, the PFATT Blog giveaway is now up and running. This large pinkeep is my handmade I donated (I made it using a Jenny Hoffman design)- there are 14 awesome handmades up for grabs, so be sure to stop by the PFATT Blog~ CLICK HERE~ to go have a peek! To enter the giveaway, you will need to visit the PFATT blog and leave a comment under the giveaway post. You have from December 1st until December 7th to enter. If you post it on your blog and let them know, they will enter you twice! Good luck to all!
I just had to share this! Sage had her kindergarten Christmas program last night and I got this cute pic of her and Chad all dressed up before we left. Of course the cat thought he had to be in the picture, too. LOL. I thought they looked so handsome! The program went well and all the little kindergarteners were so cute singing in their little voices. Then at the end, Santa himself showed up and handed out candy canes to all the kids and that was the highloght of the evening for them- you should have seen their little eyes light up!
I am working on a Santa for ebay, hoping to get him done in the next few days or so. Lately I have been working on Christmas gifts and putting up our Christmas decorations. Craig is off this coming weekend, so I think we are going to go cut a Christmas tree on the mountain, which is always fun. I should get back to work I suppose. I'll post when I get my Santa done.