Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Sage!

On Monday October 6th, Sage turned 5 years old! I'm sure not ready for her to be 5 yet, either! She is growing up so fast and getting smarter than her mom every day! LOL! We had a nice party for her in the town park and invited all the little girls in her preschool class. We ordered pizza for lunch, then ate the "cake" (if you look close, it is made up of cupcakes all arranged into a crown shape and covered with icing), then opened up presents and let the kids wear themselves out on the playground...and no, I did not make it- I cheated and ordered it from the bakery at Wal-Mart...tee hee! Sorry I only got a pic of the cake. It was very windy and the pizza boxes, tablecloth and napkins, etc kept trying to blow all over so I had to put the camera up.

Sorry I haven't posted for a little while- I'm literally up to my ears in doll bodies! LOL! It's not a bad thing, but I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed. I have the Twelve Days of Christmas to do dolls for and have two plastic tubs full of about 20 naked doll bodies staring at me....their arms and legs are in another tub. I did manage to get them all stained, now just need to sew them to the bodies then move on to the clothing and hair, etc. Even though I'm only doing 3 or maybe 4 of the same style or pattern, I've found that it is easier to make big groups of dolls in stages rather than one at a time. I'm also trying to make the majority of the body parts now while I still have nice enough weather to use my clothesline for the staining and drying......but I better get a move on because tomorrow night sometime we are supposed to get that four letter word that starts with "S". I was talking about snow, what were you thinking? LOL. Ugghh....snow already?? I would like to enjoy fall a little more before the flakes start to fall...... Plus, I'm working on a santa to list on Ebay. My pumpkinman is on the back burner for now.....maybe I'll get him done in time for next fall...LOL. I have been trying to stay away from my computer, otherwise I wouldn't get much crafting done!

And also a brand new Menards just opened in Casper and we took advantage of their grand opening sale and bought new wood flooring (@ $.58/ sq. ft.) for our sitting room, hallway and both sets of stairs, so we've been working on getting everything ready for that, too. Sometimes I wish I could duplicate myself....I better be careful what I wish for! LOL!


theprimitivebucket said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAGE!!!! What a cute cake and don't feel bad I make great cake but usually get a fun ones at Wally too!!!
I want to see your dolls when they are done. I've love to have one, maybe by then I'll have saved up for one!! Love you girl and miss you, but know you have to get these all done!!! Wish I could come help you!!
Hugs, Joleen

sweetfox26 said...

Oh wow happy birthday to Sage. 5 years has gone by so fast. Those cakes are so cute my friend had her daughters 3rd b-day at my house this past week end and she had a pink guitar one so cute. Sages fits her little princess lol.