Monday, September 29, 2008

Americana Wynter Dolly...

I'm sure glad Tonya at Back Porch Pickins released this pattern- I have really enjoyed working on this snowgal- I couldn't help but do her in Americana- it's one of my favs. She is 21" tall from head to toe, and 24" if you count her crown, too.She has wired arms. Her whimsical smile is actually wire stitched in place. Her flag has wire in the top and bottom-I made it appear to be waving. Lots of handstitching and tinsel trim. Her slippers are sugar coated in ultra fine red glitter- I decided not to glitter her star woolen and the crown- I thought it might be too much. I stitched rusty bells around the hem, on her sleeves and pantalets, too. Even her flag has a few bells. Her garland is metal glittered snowflakes and jingle bells... I made her a hangtag that say "Americana Wynter" with tiny snowflakes stamped on. She did not make it to ebay as she has just been adopted and already on her way to her new home....... :0)


Kathy's Prims said...

Wynter is just darling Jody! You did an awesome job!

Doreen said...

Wynter is just wonderful...I LOVE her!

Great job.


Shay said...

Just adorable!! I love Wynter! Fantastic job, Tonya's patterns are so fun! Have a wonderful day!

Blessings & smiles,

OldGlorySoldiers said...

Hi Jody ... she made it here a few days ago and I LOVE her!!! .... my kids fell in love with her too and I was afraid that she was lost to me forever ... and my 11 year old even wanted to know why you sent me a thank you card because I should be thanking you for the wonderful job in making her and care in packing ;-) She is even more gorgeous in person! Thank you so much for the gorgeous addition to my Americana collection! God Bless, Tina

~Star Spangled Pretties~ said...

Oh, Tina I'm thrilled she made it there and just so happy you love her! :0) So glad I could make your day (and your kids', too! LOL)!
;0) God Bless!