Sunday, October 12, 2008

And we have......SNOW!

Well, the snow started flying Friday morning and hasn't stopped until today. We only got about 5 or 6 inches here, but Casper only 20 miles away got between 6 and 12 inches depending on where you were....of course Casper Mountain got more than town did, but I never heard how much- my guess would be probably 15 to 18 inches or so. My eyeballs needed a break from the sewing machine, so I thought I'd share a pic on my blog. This is our view out of the bay window of our front room. Of course the kids wanted to ham it up! LOL. Cute little stinkers! Since Craig works at a coal mine, we use a coal burning stove for our heating and had it burning for the past couple days. The heat it gives off is so warm and toasty!! This weather makes me more in the mood to sew winter and Christmas dolls.

On another note, I received my room spray I won in Vintage Palette's giveaway- it is so rich and wonderful!! The scent is called HOMESTEAD and I sprayed it a few times in the house and Sage kept asking me what I was baking! It'll be perfect to scent my dolls and tissue paper when I send them. I'm gonna visit her ebay store and get more of a few different scents. Well, I suppose I should get back to work, enough playtime! LOL.


theprimitivebucket said...

OH the "S" word!! We didn't get any of it south/east of you in Colorado. Just lots of rain and fog!!!
Your kids are cute stinkers!!! What a fun picture!!

Warm hugs!!

Leslie said...

Wow! I heard on the news last night that Billings, Montana got 10" and even more in Wyoming....did they say they got 30" in one area? I hope I heard wrong! LOL It was warm and sunny here yesterday in Pennsylvania....nearly 80°, which is strange for this time of year but we're trying to enjoy it!

Have a great day!


~Star Spangled Pretties~ said...

Hey Leslie,
Wow! 80 derees in October? Yes, Wyoming got hit all over the state with it. I only heard how much we got locally, but I'm sure you heard right about the 30 inches. I'm sure it was in the higher elevations and mountain ranges. We're sorta used to our weird weather....we have to make the kids' Halloween costumes big enough to fit over a snowsuit cuz it is usually either bitter cold or snowing every Halloween. LOL. No joke!

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Oh Jody...

Snow ??? What the heck are ya doin with snow... ..making snow angels I bet ! LOL...Your two little angels are adorable BTW !

Yep, it was almost 80 degrees here yesterday ..Sunday, in Pennsylvania.. and it was nice today also and supposed to be 75 on Tuesday.. I am sure not ready for that four letter word ..s_ _ _

The leaves here are just beautiful now, too !

But we need rain and lots of it.. in the last two months we may have gotten a total of 1/4 inch of this area of PA. Can anyone do a rain dance..