Monday, October 20, 2008

Just let me sleep!

I have been working on some dolls for an upcoming craft show for the last month and at some point my burning the candle at both ends is going to catch up with me! I remember those days of sleep deprivation when my kids were each newborn and kept me up at odd hours of the night. I'm having those same groggy days again, but nobody to blame but me! LOL. I take care of the kids during the day, then stay up late to work on dolls after they go to bed. I still try to squeeze some doll time in during naps, but then there's always housework to do, too. LOL. I haven't had anything listed for any of my groups on ebay for over a month now and hope to have this snowgirl and Santa done in the next few days. I promised them I wouldn't post their naked lil bodies on the internet, so they at least let me get a work in progress pic from the neck up. LOL. They're from Tonya's patterns and both coming along well. This is my third snowgirl so far this season and you'll probably notice she isn't wearing her wire smile yet- it will get handstitched on after she's all dressed. After doing my last 5 dolls as painted muslin pieces, it was nice to go back to just plain stained muslin- and lots less work and drying time, I might add! LOL. I sure love his face so far even though he'll get his wool beard felted on later. Well, enough taking a break- I gotta get back to work while the night's still young! :0)


theprimitivebucket said...

Keep plugging away girl!!! There is light at the end of that tunnel!!! They look great even naked!!! tee hee.

Love ya girl.

Leslie said...

I love those faces. I just think the cute painted faces like that are adorable!

Great job!


albasworld said...

You will make it Jody, believe me! You have spirit and youth on your side and the willingness to go on when your body says, "let's sleep." Your dolls look charming even in their state so there is not doubt what they will be when finished. Good show!

Hugs & smiles, alba

sweetfox26 said...

you are so crafty girlfriend,great job

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...


So far ,... so cute ! .. Beautiful faces on those two !

Sleep.... what's that .. :0)

Have fun finishing your dollies, and I can't wait to see them dressed..


Linda said...

Thanks so much Jody!!

Your kiddo's are adorable! Won't be long before there is one around here again!!