Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Fabulous Fall Decor Award.....Thank You!!

Tina over at Old Glory Soldiers has presented me with this Fabulous Fall Decor award- thank you so very much! You should go check out her blog and her awesome handmades on her website, etsy and ebay! I am so honored to accept any kind of award and she is just such a sweetie pie to have thought of me! :0) I think I'm supposed to pass it on, and I usually always do, but I see most of my other blogger friends have already got it. When I get more time hopefully I can go through and see if there's a few that haven't yet.... :0)
Still working on my snowgirl and she's just about done. She is really pretty- and sparkly! :0) I'm gonna have to be a tease and not have a sneakie peek this time cuz I didn't have the time today to take pics and edit them, etc, etc. I am waiting on some glass glitter I ordered to do her shoes and then she's finally finished. Like Santa, I have to list her on ebay this time also to be fair to my ebay groups. Don't worry, I'll post a pic and her link when she's ready.Well, I need to crack the whip on myself and get back to work as domestic engineer.......then I'll put in some overtime on graveyards working on craft show dollies after that...LOL. :0)

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The Primitive Bucket said...

I was going to give it to you too, but you were in the midst of the special deserve it girl... Your door looks great!!!
I want to see that special order!!!