Friday, September 26, 2008

I've been tagged.....

I've been tagged my my friend Joleen at The Primitive Bucket to tell 6 things about myself and tag 6 others.....

1. I went to college right out of high school and earned a degree as a Veterinary Technician....I loved it, but the pay and benefits were horrible...something they don't tell you in college. Plus, my current "job" as a mom is so much better! LOL

2. I used to rodeo some in High School (goat tying). I did work two jobs at the time, so never got to do them all, plus I worked to pay my own entry fees unlike the other kids whose parents paid for everything.

3. I love to sketch and draw and have been that way since I can remember. My favorite media is pen & ink, I also really like charcoal and pencil. Back in high school I did a lot of artwork (I'll have to post some pics) and I was very close to my art teacher, he was a great mentor. My last year in college he died in a car accident and I took it pretty hard. After that I stopped drawing and such....I've worked on a piece or two in the last 10 years, but I really enjoy making my dolls now and found it is a wonderful creative outlet for me.

4. I hate to cook, but love to bake! Funny, huh? I'm not sure why, but to me the two are like night and day. My favorite thing to bake is pie with crust made from scratch (my grandma's recipe, and its awesome!) I don't make the filling from scratch, I just buy the canned stuff, but would love to learn how!

5. I collect Red Wing Stoneware. Of course Craig will tell you I tend to "collect" more stuff than that, but I do have a soft spot for them. So far I have various sized Red Wing crocks and jugs, one butter churn, and a chicken feeder, but no bowls yet. I mean I do have stoneware bowls and canisters, but they are not actual Red Wing pottery.

6. I am actually very shy, that is at least until you get to know me. I was terribly shy as a kid and have become a little more outgoing as I get older, but am still a wimp about meeting new people! Ok, I admit it! LOL!

So that's pretty much all I am going to blab about me...maybe more later if I happen to get tagged again...LOL. Now, let's see, I have to pick 6 others that have not already received it yet, so here goes....

1. Linda at Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives (Linda is such a great person- she makes some real nice dollies, too! I just love her pilgrim girl she has now, but my fav is probably the doll riding the goose on her blog banner)

2. Sandy at Sam I Am Creations (I just love her...truly one of the nicest people...she made my Halloween banner and Halloween auction template- take a peek at her on ebay or etsy!)

3. Mandie at Life In The Craft Lane With Mandie (She has lots of freebies for your blog and etsy....go check her out....that's where I got my background)

4.Raquel at Kitchen Mysteries (If you're looking for recipes, you need to take a peek at her blog! Her blog is really nice)

5. Linda at Behind My Red Door (She receives a ton of awards and is thinking of a tag free zone, but just want her to know her blog does ROCK and she is not obligated to participate of course)

6. Leslie at My Country Home (She has already received this award, but I just love reading her blog and she deserves it a second time! You should go take a peek if you get a chance.) Of course she doesn't have to take part again unless she really wants to... :0)


Linda said...

THANK YOU so much! You are so sweet and so considerate! I have no problem mentioning honors like this and the peron honoring me so I will indeed do that when I post later today. I just am not wanting to single out folks to send it on and taking all the time to link to them. So many of the gals commenting agreed that is what take so much time so I know a lot of bloggers feel that way.

Thanks again!! Hugs, Linda

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Dear Jody,

Thank you so much for the blog award and for thinking of me... and for all the compliments about my dolls! .. Thank you Thank you !
You are so kind !..
Nice fish you caught !... Do you eat them, too ?? I love fish !.. I like eating bluegill ( or brim as they are called down south )( even though they are bony ) and fishing, even though I haven't been in a few years. I even bait my own hook with worms.. What did you use on your hook to catch those fish ??? I don't like using a bobbin when I fish.. As I say.. I straight line it ..LOL..

Hugs and a Happy Weekend to you ~

Sam I Am said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww shucks are toooo sweetttttttttttttttttttttttttt :)
Thank you for the award...

Farmchick said...

Hi~I really enjoyed reading your blog....You are very your dollies!!! Stop in and visit me sometime when you have a chance!!


~Star Spangled Pretties~ said...

You're welcome! We just catch and release the big ones- they're not as tasty as the little brookies we catch in the mountains...tee hee! We flyfish whenever we (the adults) go, but when we take the kids, we do the worm and hook thing- its easier for them and they are almost always guaranteed to catch something, so it keeps it fun for them. I even tie up some of our flies we use (they're not actually all "flies", just different bugs, we just call them flies)- like I NEED another hobby on the side...LOL. If we are using underwater flies, we use something called a strike indicator which serves the same purpose as a bobber, just a lot smaller. I've never had bluegill...I have had catfish before and it's pretty darn tasty!

Raquel said...

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back with you! Ive been a bit busy with the wedding and all! I am quite honored with the award, thanks so much! It will be a bit before I post it, but I will get to it! Thanks again! Much love, Raquel XO