Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy...

It seems like I haven't had much computer time lately, sorry I haven't posted in so long! My dad and I took a guided fishing trip through Crazy Rainbow on the Platte day before yesterday and had fun! I had never been on a guided trip before because my husband and I have our own driftboat we can take out, but it was nice to get to fish the whole time and let someone else row! LOL. We caught a lot of rainbows and cutbows, and dad caught a brown. We didn't catch huge fish, but it was still a real fun time. The river tends to be really mossy this time of the year and we would have landed more if they hadn't dove into the thick cover and broke our line, but the fight is what is the funnest part anyhow!
We also had a bit of weird weather- about 2/3 of the way through the float a storm came through and and the wind kicked up and we got wet and chilly! It was a fun experience and I did learn a lot more than I thought I already knew. I couldn't have thought of a better time to spend with my dad than fishing, something we both love. It was such a special day! Thank you dad! Love you!Then yesterday, my husband and I took the four wheelers and went to his antelope (for those that aren't familiar, their proper name is Pronghorn) area. We have tons of antelope in Wyoming- you can hardly go a day without seeing one somewhere. I bet we saw about 200 of those buggers, but they were very spooky! This area has been open for hunting for a week now and if they spotted us at all, they were gone! And they are FAST and can run like the wind for miles and miles without stopping. ( I got this pic from the internet, I wasn't fast enough and nowhere near close enough to get a pic of the ones from yesterday..LOL)Yesterday was more of a scouting trip just to see what was there, and today he was joining two other friends to do more serious hunting. They are going to have to be pretty sneaky, though. Those antelope rely on their eyesight and speed.
So..... today I get to relax and work on my dolls- I've hardly got to work on anything for a week and am going through withdrawals...LOL. I'm still working on my pumpkinhead and need to get him done, I'm running out of time! I'll be sure to post a pic when I'm done!


Leslie said...

What a nice day you and your father had fishing :) I hate fishing because I can't seem to catch anything! LOL

My hubby would LOVE to go hunting in day it will happen. What you said about the antelope dashing off is the same thing that happens here. You know when it's close to season or that people have been illegally hunting because their gone in a flash. DH just started scouting for white tail last night. Archery season starts in two weeks and he's THRILLED

Have a great day!

~Star Spangled Pretties~ said...

Hey Leslie,
Well, Craig did get an antelope- with his rifle- a pretty nice one, too. I would share a pic, but I'm not sure some gals that read might be offended or squeamish about seeing a dead antelope head. LOL. He's doing a European mount with it himself and I can post a pic when its done. The only way to get an antelope with a bow is to have a blind near a water hole, plus I'm not sure if that particular area is open for bow right now or not. So do you hunt, too? I bought a bow a few years ago and haven't used it to hunt with yet. Takes a lot of practice to get good and it seems my target practice time turns into my fishing time..LOL! Craig bowhunts, too and he would really like me to start hunting with him, so I should really concentrate on that instead. BTW, I just love reading your blog...I'm a fan! LOL!