Thursday, July 9, 2009

There are signs everywhere!

Just thought I would pop in and show what I've been up to lately, and nope, its got nothing to do with the sewing machine...I've been painting these signs- and lots of them. I have 12 done so far, and all these will be going to the prim shoppe in town...a lot of friends don't know this, but this type of thing is actually how I started crafting about 7 years ago. I made signs like these and lots of tole painting, selling at local craft shows, and about 5 years ago is when I made my first doll. (And no way am I going to show you the first doll- it wasn't pretty! LOL) Don't get me wrong, I still love to make dolls, but sometimes it just feels good to switch gears and take a little break every once in a while......and the rest of them....the last two pics are showing a bit bright- the "white" in them is really a warm, prim cream color in person... They all range from 5 1/2" - 71/4" tall by 21"-52" in length with a sawtooth hanger or two on back. When my selling site is ready, I hope to make a few signs to put there as well as my fabric handmades....
Until next time! :0)


Kris said...

I love all of your signs, Jody!! Can't wait until your selling blog is ready!!

Take care,

Wolfie said...

OMW.... I love those signs and now ... I gotta have two of them!!!

Gosh I love signs!! (I just blogged tonight on that very fact.) lol


Wolfie said...

Seriously.... the more I think about it the more I want those two signs!!!!

Do you sell from your blog??



Wolfie said...

Awesome Jody... thanks.

I am off to email you now.