Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nine Years ago today.....

Boy, it sure doesn't seem like nine years have already gone by. I can still remember how hot it was in that church that day! Whew! Glad I opted for the sleeveless gown. LOL. Craig and I actually met our freshman year in college- I was getting my degree in Veterinary Technology and Craig a degree in Welding & Joining. We dated for two and a half years and then married in 2000. Our wedding present from Craig's side of the family was our honeymoon in Cancun which was so neat and probably the only time I'll ever get to do something like that. Oh, the memories....

I have to say that my signs have been well received! Since I have posted them here on my blog and also at the prim shoppe in town, I have taken quite a few orders for more of them, even though I don't have my selling site up yet, I don't mind at all- so if anyone see's something they are interested in, leave me a comment. I turned comment moderation on so that any new comments go right to my email, so your question won't be posted unless you want it to. Since working on those sign orders, I haven't had time to work on anything new to share. Maybe I will next week? :0)


Phillane E'lee said...

OMG what a beautiful couple and especially the bride. You are so very pretty and haven't changed a bit.
Congratulations on 9 years together. The dress was stunning and love the lace.
Hope it is a wonderful week for your family!

Kris said...

Happy Anniversary!! I hope you get to do something special! :)

Take care,

Denni said...

Congrats girl!!! I just had my 8th anniversary in May. Hey how much is your cute americana snowgal and your cute back porch pickins angel girl??? I saw all and heard about the good works you have been doing lately. That's awesome :)

The Primitive Bucket said...

You were a beautiful bride..our dresses are very similar from the waist down.. I'll have to show you a picture some time.. But I had sleeves..what was I thinking in June?? your signs I'll have to snag one from you soon!!!

Love ya girl!!

simple~needs said...

love your wedding pic!! happy anniversary! :)
love your blog, i stumbled across it and couldnt quit looking at all your goodies. i hope you dont mind, i added you to my faves.

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Hi Jody,

Happy Anniversary you two ! Your gown is lovely .. it's stunning and you are so beautiful !

May you have a wonderful weekend and get to do something special !


sweetfox26 said...

I think your wedding was the last time I was in Casper, that is sad. Oh my goshhh though I remember how beautiful you were in that dress. and yes it was hot lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!