Saturday, January 31, 2009

Americana Spring Doll...

Just got this gal all finished up yesterday, but won't be listing her quite yet. I made her using a pattern from Two Dancing Crows. I am hoping to get another doll done or something else to list for each of my three groups. Seems like I haven't had anything on ebay forever....I looked and its been since like November...eek! LOL. I really wanted to do something for Valentines Day, but with my local orders here time has run out now- so I will probably make some St. Patty's Day stuff or Easter anyhoo, back to this gal! She is somewhat of a make-do--She is free standing and secured to a distressed wood candlestick and stands 16 inches. She has a full head of wool hair and as you can see, she is finished all the way around, which would make her perfect as a centerpiece or whatever. Her skinny arms are wired so she can pose and hold onto things. Like I said, I'm not sure when I'll be listing her, but I will surely post here when I do. :0).


Jenny said...

I love this doll. Looks really cute!

tattered 'n torn prims said...

Love this doll!!! She is quite grand, and leaves me ready for spring even more!!!


The Primitive Bucket said...

She is great girlie!!! Good job!!

~Tonya said...

So very pretty Jody. You always do such wonderful work. I love seeing your dollies.

I also love the new camera. And about the lead thing, that new law is crazy. I read somewhere that it was going to be on hold for a year, until they hammered out all the details. I hope so.

Have a great day.