Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Where the heck does the time go?

Boy, ever since my last post I feel like I have been in a whirlwind! My last post was before Christmas and here it is the end of the first week in January! Life is finally slowing down a little and Sage is now back in preschool so it's back to reality again! LOL. It's been a while since my last post because my mother has been going through some really tough times since right before Christmas and I have been trying to help her out- its a brand spanking new year and she can start over fresh. I turned the big 3-0 on the 27th, then realized two days ago that my drivers license expired on my birthday and I had been driving around for ten days with no idea! I was lucky I didn't get caught! I have also taken advantage of the break in doll making and such to reorganize and clean the craft room a little- and boy did it need that! LOL. I had taken a few special orders before Christmas and need to get working on those before the time gets away from me again. I also want to list some dolls on ebay- I haven't done anything there for quite a while. I did have a doll or two leftover from the 12 Days of Christmas shoppe and had thought about offering them for an after Christmas discount here. Let me know if anyone is interested- I can email pics or just post them here.


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi and thanks for visiting my blog and the imformation too. I went to her blog but she hasn't posted since August so I didn't leave a comment, while communicating with her she mentioned that she used to live here in Califorina PA for several years...small world huh? I'll be adding you to my favs and BTW I loved your Christmas tree:)
Have a great evening.

The Primitive Bucket said...

Hey girl, sorry I missed your birthday, we had some 'stuff' go on here to about that time..So much going on and little time.
I hope it was happy and that your mom starts this year on a good note!!
Love you girl and missed you like crazy!!!


Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Happy to hear from you.. Jody..
Happy New Year !

I am passing along two awards to you.. the Proximidade Award and the Fabulous Blog award.. so you can come by and grab them on my blog.. there is also a text below the Proximidade award to be added to your blog.
so now you can pass them along..

Sue said...

Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY....Yes time does go quickly and gets away from you. It seems to get worse as you get older....I hope your birthdaywas a fun filled one...

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Hey Jody...
Thanks for the compliments about my Pink Valentine dollie !...
Since you have taken a break from sewing... could ya come and clean my house... LOL... do you have snow in Wyoming .. we have a foot of snow and zero degree weather !
Hugs to you !

Linda said...

Hi Jody - Belated Happy Birthday! Thanks so much for your kind words. I can't wait to see the article now. I keep hearing about it and I am dying to see it!!

I hope your mom has a great 2009 and you as well!