Friday, August 29, 2008

Last camping trip...

We took advantage of the last bit of summer and took a final camping trip while the weather was still cooperative. We only stayed one night, but had lots of fun. Our campsite was right at the shore of a mountain lake in the Wind River range- not too far from South Pass City. We hauled our driftboat up with us and took it out on the lake and let the kids fish. Of course, they would rather stand on the shore and throw rocks in the lake...LOL. They did have fun and got really dirty. That's what camping is all about! :0)
This was our view from the boat...really beautiful. The day we left, as we were loading the boat on the trailer, a cow moose came out of the willows right by the ramp- of course my camera was packed in the back with everything else, darn it. But of course I will have plenty of opportunity to get a pic of another one again...we always see wildlife whenever we go to the mountains.

We drove up the road just beyond the lake and fished the Little Popo Agie River(pronounced Po-po-jha). Luckily, we didn't run into any moose while we meandered our way in the willows. Whew!

We mostly let the kids fish and Sage caught 3 Brookie's. She was so excited, she could hardly remember which way to turn the reel when reeling it in. Can you tell she was so proud of her catch?

After we got back and got all the camping stuff cleaned and put away, I buried myself in my craft room...I need to get stuff done! I have a big craft show in November I'm doing dolls for, and I need to get my doll done for my PFATT listing...I did make my own pattern for this one myself, which took a little time. I haven't decided if she'll be a skelly or a pumpkin head. She will have bare feet with sculpted toes, and her hands have long, separate fingers which are wired and poseable. I'm still deciding how I want to make her dress, too, but she's coming along. Maybe I can post a sneak peek in a few days or so. Sooo.....I should probably get off my butt and go work on her...... :0)


Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Oh, your little fisherwoman is darling ! What a cutie.. Beautiful pixs... maybe I will get out that way in a couple years.. my hubbie likes the west.

By the way, I have nominated and presented you for the Primitive Excellence Award.. You can grab it on my blog and post it on yours...

Happy weekend,

~Star Spangled Pretties~ said...

Wow Linda! Thanks so much for the award! Now I gotta pick who I'm gonna send it on to...hmmm...tough decision! :0) Yeah, my girl Sage is a keeper!


theprimitivebucket said...

How cute is that fish??? The princess is a cutie too!! Looks like a beautiful place!!!
Thanks for the award.. now I have to decide too!!

~Tonya said...

You look like you had a wonderful time Jody.

Your daughter looks so sweet with her fishy!

This weekend has been perfect here too. Last dog days of summer.