Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, my Little Man!

Well, today my little boy, Chad turned two years old! My, how the time flies seems like just yesterday we brought him home from the hospital. Both my kids are growing up so darn fast....if they could just stay litte for a wee bit longer...Sage turns five in October and starts her second year of preschool in two weeks...because of where her birthday falls she didn't make the deadline, so she will nearly be six when she starts kindergarten, but thats ok. The past few days, Sage has been sick with an ear infection..ouchie! She's on meds now and feeling better- already asking for some birthday cake so I know she's getting back to normal again.
We had a small B-Day party for Chad tonight- he just loves that Disney Pixar movie "Cars", so that was the theme....I asked him the other day what he wanted for his birthday....he tells me "MONSTER TRUCKS!!"..LOL...and that's what he got... He's always got some sort of toy Hot-wheels car or something he packs around and plays with...definitely ALL boy! Here he is being a ham with his party hat on and some monster trucks he got as presents in tow (which I'm sure tonight he will insist on them getting tucked into bed with him, lol)

....he's such a gentle, good natured little guy.....and I sure love him to pieces!

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theprimitivebucket said...

Jody, what a doll boy!!! We may have to hook him and Ashley up!! She loves cars and Monster trucks too. You don't mind an older woman for him do you?? Tee hee.

Hugs and Happy Birthday!!!


bennettracing said...

Hey Guys,
Love the pictures. Give them both a big hug from us. They are grwoing so much and are so beautiful. About Sage and school, it is so good to hold her Jody. I wish I would have with Tay and Clay. Austin has a hole year and is doing much better then they did. Love you guys and miss you!!

Sam I Am said...

Happy Birthday Chad!!! :)

Did you make the cake???