Thursday, February 5, 2009

Singing the Pink Eye Blues...

Yup. I woke up yesterday morning to a lovely case of pink eye in not only one, but both my eyes! Oh man! I know exactly who I got it from, too- Craig! He got it almost two weeks ago from an outbreak at work- the weird thing was that if I was going to get it- why am I getting it now? After two weeks I thought the rest of us were in the clear. At that time I had washed all the bedding, went through cleaning and disinfecting everything, bought hand sanitizer for practically every room in the house and disinfecting wipes, etc. Guess you can never be too careful- I have heard pink eye is highly contagious and now I know that's for sure! LOL. I am using the Gentamicin drops they gave Craig and my peepers are feeling better- after 5 days I should be all clear- in the meantime I am being extremely careful not to get my face too close to the kiddos and my hands are so dry from all the washing. Then yesterday the preschool called and said Sage got sick at school and I had to go get her- I tell ya, just one of those days! LOL.

Also, an update on the CPSIA thing- it appears that they may be suspending the lead testing craziness until next February- they have granted a one-year stay, so at least we can all breathe a little easier and have some time to let all of this sink in and think about what 2010 may bring. Hopefully in the meantime they will realize the lead testing idea wasn't the best solution. Hey, we can hope, right? :0)


Leslie said...

Sorry to hear about the pink eye. It's just the pits! I have had it a couple of times since Shane started school :( Actually I diagnosed my friend last week over the phone! LOL She called and told me she didn't like how I was always right :D

Feel better soon!


The Primitive Bucket said...

Oh Joe and I both got that last year at the same time with some other nasty eye infection.. we looked like we had been beating each other up.. Thank goodness the kiddos didn't get it. Take care of it girlie!!!
Love ya,

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Hope it is all better, Jody !

Years ago , my two sons caught it and then I got it also !

It is so contagious !

Wishing you well in a hurry !

Phillane E'lee said...

Oh poor your girl. I hope you all feel better soon. Yep, be prepared for another round of that stuff by someone.
Hope not but usually how it goes.

tattered 'n torn prims said...

Ooooooow!! Yuck!! I hate pink eye and snotty noses too!! Hope you're feeling better soon!!!

Just wanted to drop you a happy Valentine's day wish!! Hope you have a fabulous day....and get a huge diamond too!! :0)

Big Hugs!!

Sam I Am said...

ouchie,yuckies :(
my hubby had this last week! luckily he had some drops in the medicine cabinet from the LAST time he got it..geez..all is well now.. but i was like "stayyyyy farrrrr away from my pillow at nite!!" lol
hope you're feeling better ..