Sunday, November 30, 2008

TLOFA angel swap....part II...

I received my box from my secret swap partner yesterday and couldn't get the darn box open fast enough! To my delight it was this wonderful little handpainted box by Chris of theantiquepallet. I always got outbid whenever I bid on her stuff and now I finally have one of her pieces!! Merry Christmas to me!! LOL!
It is painted on all four sides......two angels, a prim star and a hangtag. Her detailing is so amazing! You really have to see it in person to appreciate its beauty. It is something I will treasure always and except for when I took the pics, it has its forever home on the shelf in my sitting room..... :0) I just love it!! Thank you Chris!
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As I was taking the pics of my new treasure Sage is looking out the window at the neighbor's lilac bush and asks me what the funny round thing is that's stuck in the bushes.....I look out and can't believe it! It's the biggest wasp nest I've ever seen.
This is the view from the picture window. I added the black arrow in case it was hard to see.... I got my coat on and went outside to look a little closer (but not too close, even though I know they're not out and about) and to make sure it really was what I thought it was....yep....a stinkin' wasp nest the size of a basketball. Triple YUCK!! I hate wasps. No wonder they seemed so thick this year! We never noticed it this summer because all the foliage kept it hidden, and I can't think of a better time to get rid of it than this winter. EEeeew! Did I mention I hate wasps??


Pea said...

Oh what a sweet gift to behold. How nice of chris. Lucky Girl!

Now yikes for that nest of nasty buzzers. That is durn right scarey. I am allergic to the buzbees and take special care out here in the woods. Now would be the time to spray them. raid makes a great one that you can spray from 20 ft away. They will be dead by morning. The colder the day the better!
good luck

Leslie said...

I love the box! Very nice!

That nest actually looks like a hornets nest and they're MEAN. Definitely get rid of the thing when it's nice and cold! My FIL has one hanging from his tree that he wants Jer to remove but Jer said he's waiting until it's good and cold and has been for awhile! LOL

Have a great day!


Kathy Hunka said...

What a great swap gift! Just wait until you receive your ornies too! I love swapping! It's sew much fun!

Peddlin'Treasures said...

Well thank you for visiting my blog also... WOW... It looks like a hornets nest to me.. Yikes... Not a good thing..

I love all your things and your blog is so cute! Thanks for adding me , I have added you to mine also.

Have a Blessed Day!

Sue said...

Really like your blog and I am going to add you to my blog...Stop by and sign up for my giveaway...