Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Staying Busy........

I haven't been up to very much lately- at least not a lot to post about anyway. I have been doing some spring cleaning here and there around the house (I know it's early, but we have a big house and by the time I get all my deep cleaning done spring will be here, LOL). It feels good to get it done, though. There were some boxes in our attic that haven't been gone through since we moved into this house 5 years ago. But it does feel good to de-clutter the closets and things and have a little more organization....if only my craft room would stay that way. LOL. I have also taken some of my money from Twelve Days and invested in some sign stencils and I have to say I LOVE them! So much easier than the way I was doing them before. I bought quite a few Christmas ones for this next year and a few everyday ones. I've added these two and another one to my picturetrail site for sale. I have also decided to get an early start for next year so I am working on Christmas things too. I would like to have more inventory for Twelve Days and also lots to put on my picturetrail for this next holiday season. Since this is a one-woman-show I just never have enough time to get it all done in the fall and I want this next year to be different. Well, that's pretty much it. Also to let you know I will be ending my leftover Christmas sale in the next few days. Later! :0)


Folk Art From The Harbor said...

BEAUTIFUL SIGNS!!! I especially LOVE how the Star Soap turned out!
Hugs BeCca

Angie Berry said...

I know what you mean about the deep cleaning and organizing! We have a big house too. I love it, but sometimes I find myself drifting off to work on projects because the cleaning just takes so darn long!! I even have a house-ful of help and it still seems to take up a lot more time than I want it to!

I agree with the working on Christmas stuff now. Fall and Christmas seem to fly by and most of my crafting plans seem to fall by the wayside. I have decided to work on Christmas stuff year round. I don't have a selling blog, but I sell my stuff at the Tulsa Flea Market when I set up on Saturdays. So I totally understand about being a one-woman-show. Lol!

I love your signs, they turned out really cute! Best of luck to you in getting more done/changing it up.

Jess said...

I love that first quote - it is my fave...you have beautiful work!