Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm a PFATTie!!

I've been in my other two groups TLOFA and PLOA for some time now, and of course I'll remain in them- I got too many friends there. :0)
I was recently invited to join another eBay group- PFATT. What a talented group of women- not to mention the nicest and funniest gals you could ever meet. They sell on ebay and also on their own online site- PFATT Marketplace. Go take a peek! I've been a member for about a week or so now and am itchin' to get something finished and listed! The one doll I have all finished (she'll be a trick or treat Annie)....the only thing I am waiting on is the wool for her hair- I can't wait to get it....in the meantime, I'm working on a Santa and a Witch while I do the waiting game. I have a gal on etsy (theflyingewe) that is custom dying the wool for me, and she has been so great to work with. Not to mention her wool is priced very reasonably, too. Well, I have doll parts drying out on the clothesline, so I suppose I should probably go see if they're done. I wonder what my neighbors think when they see them out flapping in the breeze?? Tee Hee......

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CCs Whimsies said...

Hello Pfattie! We are so happy you joined our group of merry nutballs! I can't wait to see your newest creation. Big Hugs, Crusty